Every morning our speed boats leave Nosy Komba for 2 dives on 2 different dive sites.

The boats will come and pick you up at about 8 am right at your bungalow, wherever you are on Nosy Komba and will bring you back after the diving (towards 1-1.30 pm).

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- Access to all the famous dive sites of the Nosy Be area Nosy Be (Nosy TaniKely, all the wrecks, Shark Point, Manta Point, Roland Point, Abyss, Les Arches...)

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- Weekly trips to the most beautiful dives of the Mitsio archipelago ( Les Tétons, Les 4 Frères, Kassimo...) and of Nosy Iranja (Roche Gaby, Tombant Sud Canyon...) according to the weather forecasts.

- During the whale sharks season (from mid-october to mid-december): daily trips towards the far end of the bay, including a long snorkeling session or a dive with the whale sharks followed by one of the nicest dives of the Nosy Be area: Roland Point, Shark Point, Manta Point...

- Discovery of the dive sites located south of Nosy Komba, home of the most extraordinary diversity of the region regarding invertebrates (nudibranchs, sponges, soft corals.) and also ghost pipe fishes, frog fishes. A real macro paradise!

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- Dive cruises "à la carte" on the archipelagos of Mitsio and Radama, located north and south of Nosy Be-Nosy Komba. A great opportunity to discover another face of Madagascar, its small fishing villages, its secret bays, and to dive on the beautiful drops off announcing the depths of the Canal of Mozambique.
The dive sites selection is done depending on each one' s wish, level, on the weather and on the chance of any seasonal encounters.

The north-west coast of Madagascar is particularly rich and is the shelter of a multitude of corals, sponges, nudibranchs, crustaceans and other invertebrates.

The usual fauna of reef fish is often composed of huge schools of yellow snappers, fusiliers, red bass, surgeons, batfish, jacks, barracudas. But let's not forget the numerous green and hawksbill turtles, the giant groupers, the napoleons, the bumphead parrotfish.

The most observant will maybe be able to recognize the frogfish, the ghost pipefish, the leaf fish, or the peculiar sea moth. The waters of the Canal of Mozambique regularly bring more imposing visitors: manta rays, mobulas, hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, leopard sharks, eagle rays, guitar sharks, sail fish, marlins, tunas.

Last of all, the journeys to the dive sites also offer fantastic encounters with humpback whales, rorquals, whale sharks, humpback dolphins, bottlenose dolphins.

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